House Concerts

An exciting phenomena in enjoying music is sweeping the nation. A new buzz word amongst musicians is house concerts. Although the idea has been around for many years, it is regaining popularity.

Now there is an answer to all these problems! It is house concerts. The premise is simple. A bunch of friends get together to share an evening of music. Each person usually gives a $10-$15 donation at the door. Normally at the designated starting time, the host of the concert will announce the artist, and then the artist will do a set. Usually everyone brings something to eat, and any beverages they may want. Then everyone shares in a potluck fashion. During this time, the artist gets to get around and meet everyone, . Then after a few minutes, the artist will come up and finish with another set..

So you may be asking how this is a win-win for both parties. The artist wins because he gets to play his music for lots of new people interested in hearing the music. He also doesn't have to fight the noise and atmosphere of a crowded bar, and normally, the door donation goes to the artist. Throughout the evening, the artist also gets the opportunity to sell his CDs.

For the concert goer, he/she gets to enjoy a concert of great, original music in a quiet, intimate atmosphere. They get to socialize with friends, neighbors, and even the artist. A meal is available, and at most concerts children can come and play in another room, or also enjoy the concert. All this for a mere $10-$15.

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